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Brenna Hamel

I am currently finishing up my 4th year of 5 as a Rotman Commerce student in the accounting specialist as well as my 3rd year of eligibility as a Triple Jumper on the Varsity Blues Track and Field Team. I am a farm girl originally from small town Saskatchewan, I have since lived and studied in both Toronto and Beijing. I enjoy spending my time experiencing the delicious food culture in Toronto, training with my teammates, watching Gilmore Girls, and baking!

Rachel Spouge
vice president

I joined Rotman Commerce Students in Sports (RCSS) in my second year, the first year it was founded, and have been a member for the past two years. I joined RCSS because it offered the opportunity to combine sports and business, two of my passions. It also provided a platform in which I could help connect Rotman Commerce Students to Toronto’s Professional Sports Industry while also encouraging the sports community at the University of Toronto. I think RCSS is a great way for students like me to pursue their academic and athletic passions; to show that you can do both.

I have been playing on a sports team ever since I was a little kid, so sports have always been a major passion of mine. I think they have really helped shape me for who I am and will continually play a major role in my life. Field hockey is my main sport of interest as I am currently a member of the Varsity Blues Field Hockey team and a member of the Indoor National field hockey team.

Dillon Rejman
Director of Finance

 I was contacted by the co-founders in the spring of 2017 when the club first began. The idea of starting a student group for Rotman students who were also Varsity Blues and forming the link between the two groups was something that appealed to me.

I currently play on the Men’s Varsity Basketball team at U of T. I also consistently play golf in the summers and I watch NFL and MLB closely. 

Sophia Currier
Director of marketing

 When I found out about RCSS, I was so excited – a club that combines my schooling as well as my passion for sport. I hope to make RCSS a place where all Rotman students can share their love for all things sport whether it be fantasy sports, watching sports or playing sports!

I have played many different sports competitively throughout my childhood: baseball, dance, swimming, basketball, soccer, volleyball, running. I decided I would pursue volleyball  in grade 6 because my sister played it – now I play volleyball for U of T on the women’s varsity team.

Eniola Sogbesan
Director of Events

Growing up, I have always been involved in sports and as a Rotman Commerce student it is very challenging to balance school life and sports. With RCSS, I have the opportunity to engage new people in the things I do and get them involved within the Rotman Sports Community.As an individual who likes to be challenged, I was excited in being part of something new that had the potential to be impactful in the Rotman community.

I play soccer for the St. George Reds (UofT Dleague team) and Rotman Commerce Intramural team. I am also an Ontario Soccer referee.


I have always been a huge sports fan, so naturally I was excited for the opportunity to get more involved within Rotman and getting to put on events that bring students together who share the same passion for sports. After going to RCSS’ Sports Industry Night where reps from the Blue Jays, MLSE, and the NBA spoke, I knew that this was a group that I wanted to be a part of. I’m very excited for all the events we have planned for this year and am looking forward to contributing to the growth of RCSS!

Growing up I did gymnastics and ballet and then throughout high school I played basketball, track and field, and swam. Out of everything, swimming stuck and I’ve been working as a Lifeguard and teaching swim lessons in the summers! Currently, I like to stay active by going to the gym and playing Intramural sports with my friends.

Rey Lambie

I joined RCSS because I would love to increase the involvement of RC students in healthy active living where it Is athletics, fitness, or simply living healthy.

I play intramural hockey – women’s and co-ed!

Farah Radwan
Associate Director of Marketing

Since I was a child, I’ve always loved to play and watch all kinds of sports. Whenever there was a sporting event, my family, friends and I would watch it. I found it extremely exciting how everyone came together to cheer for their favorite team. When I started playing sports, I was amazed by how quickly everyone on the team became a family. I joined RCSS because I am passionate about sports and I want to share the experience and community that sports create.

I am interested in many sports, mainly basketball, volleyball, and swimming. However, my favorite sport is soccer. I enjoy playing sports non-competitively with my friends and family.

Kevin Sallaku
Associate Director of Finance

I joined Rotman Commerce Student Sports for numerous reasons. As both an active participant and a spectator, I am extremely passionate about sports. Furthermore, as an aspiring professional, I aim to utilize my strengths in financial analysis to make a positive impact on an overall organization. As a result, RCSS was the optimal group for me combine my passions for finance and sport.

My favourite sport is hockey. I have been an active ice hockey player over the past 9 years, and an active participant in UofT ball hockey intramurals. Furthermore, I am also an avid Leafs fan. My other sports of interest include soccer, tennis, and swimming.

Aditya Chandrashekhar
Associate Director of Events

I am very passionate about sports, both when it comes to playing as well as watching. For the past 3 years, I have not been a part of any sports club and was looking for an opportunity to join one in my last year of undergraduate. I also joined in the hopes of making friends who had the same passion for sports as I do. RCSS offers a great way to help me keep a significant level of involvement in the field of sports.

My favourite sport is basketball. I joined the Varsity team for grades 11 and 12 in High School, and also made it to the UC Division A team in my first year of undergraduate. I also play badminton, tennis and table tennis on a competitive level. Prior to university, I took on swimming for a few years at a recreational level.

Laura Amoi 

Check her bio in the About Us section!


Rachel Spouge – Field Hockey
Rey Lambie- Hockey
Sophia Currier – Volleyball
Eniola Sogbesan – Soccer
Dillon Rejman – Basketball
Brenna Hamel – Track & Field