Meet Your Executives

Laura Amoi 

My name is Laura Amoi. I’m a 5th year Rotman Commerce student in the Management (Strategy) Specialist in parallel to competing for U of T’s Varsity Track and Field team. I like to think of myself as an active person who enjoys FOOD, geography, discovering new cultures and learning languages.

Struggling to even pass ECO100, unending late-night study sessions at our beloved Robarts Library, but also amazing classes, networking sessions and workshops, are experiences that have shaped my undergrad so far. I’ve enjoyed the opportunities to grow as a professional and leader outside the classroom.

It is with great pleasure that we are launching Rotman Commerce Students in Sport. It is a combination of my passion for sport and entrepreneurship with the desire to help others, adding a sprinkle of Brenna’s genius mind.  The project reflects our experiences as student-athletes and we hope will benefit our talented student body.

I am excited to preside RCSS in its #RookieYear and work with exceptional executives to promote it.

Fun Fact: as of August 2017, I will have lived each third of my life in a different country: 7 years in Cote d’Ivoire, 7 in Tunisia and 7 in Canada.


Brenna Hamel

I am a 4th year student studying in the accounting specialist and a Triple and High Jumper for the Varsity Blues Track Field team. I moved from small town Saskatchewan to Toronto to experience the U of T and Rotman Commerce lifestyle! I was inspired to co-found RCSS with Laura because I noticed a lack of community within Rotman Commerce athletes. RCSS was born on a bus ride to OUA’s this past season, a suiting introduction. A single google document was made which has since grown and flourished to more than we have ever expected it could be. What started as a blank paper has quickly turned into an amalgamation of our desire to combine our passion for sports with our business pursuit, Laura’s creativity and innovation, and a smidgen of my crazy with a whole lot of support and guidance from Lily Abediny and the other amazing Rotman Commerce staff team. I am proud to share with you this fall, Rotman Commerce Students in Sport!

Fun Fact: I am studying in Beijing on a student exchange for 10 months!

co-Layan Mahmoud Sadek
Vice President

My name is Layan (Mahmoud) Sadek and I am currently in my fourth year of Rotman Commerce, specializing in finance and economics. My favourite sport would easily be soccer. I would like to see RCSS be a foundation for both athletic students and those who are interested in sports within our Rotman community, to professionally network through our events. In addition, it would be a great platform for giving athletes and students the chance to share any innovative idea they have that has to do with sports. I grew up in Saudi Arabia, which made it a little difficult for young girls to practice sports or join any clubs. Thankfully, I went to an American high school so I was privileged to have the opportunity to practice and try every sport, from hockey to netball. Eventually, I stuck to the one sport I know best, which is soccer

Fun Fact: A little fun fact about myself is that I grew up in Saudi Arabia.

Rachel Spouge
Co-vice president

My name is Rachel Spouge and I am going into my third year of Rotman, specializing in Management. I have been playing on a sports team ever since I was a little kid, so sports have always been a major passion of mine. I think they have really helped to shape me for who I am and will continually play a major role in my life. I play on the varsity field hockey team and am working towards a national team title so my favourite sport is obviously field hockey. The introduction of RCSS has got me excited because I think it is a great way to help merge the distance between academics and athletics (Something I’ve been looking for!). I’m hoping that RCSS will encourage students to be more interested in sports and create a sense of community/network among students that are in athletics as well as those that are just academic. Sports naturally foster a sense of community and spirit so with the introduction of this new student group, hopefully it will spike some interest in those that are curious or don’t know much about sports while also updating current fans. I think RCSS is a great way for students like me to pursue their academic and athletic passions; to show that you can do both.


Dillon Rejman
Director of Finance

 I have just finished my second-year at U of T and am about to start my second, specializing in finance and economics. I grew up just outside of Chicago and came to Canada to study at Rotman and play on the U of T men’s basketball team. This summer, I am interning at HSBC in their Global Banking/Investment Banking department. One thing I really enjoy about Rotman is the exposure you get right away in first year to all different kinds of business courses, which is not common among universities. I am looking forward to working with RCSS and getting a more hands on feel when it comes to finances. I believe my hard-working, responsible, and driven nature will allow me to impact RCSS in a positive way. My leadership skills will help provide RCSS with good direction and produce a good team environment. Looking forward to the school year and being apart of the RCSS team!

Daniyal Mehdi
Director of Events

Hi, my name is Daniyal Mehdi, I am in my 3rd year of studies in Rotman Commerce. At the moment, I am doing a finance and economics specialist. I have been involved with sports since I was a little kid and the one sport which I have spent the most time in is Cricket. It is also kind of my country’s national sport, so I caught onto it very quickly. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy others, but cricket was my first true love when it comes to sports. And I think that’s a very important thing about me that I like to show people, my love for sports. So many people in my school knew me just for that, and I have been trying to build a similar reputation in university as well. With RCSS, the fact that its just a new organization makes me so excited, because there is so much room for whoever is part of it to leave a mark in the RC community. Also, this organization being a sport centered group, I think this can attract many students from RC to participate and join the organization.

Fun Fact! I can play FIFA any time of the day!


David Amoi
Marketing Director

Having always been a sports fanatic, I jumped at the opportunity of being part of something great for all Rotman Commerce students who share a passion for sports. I believe my enthusiastic and socially approachable nature will come in handy for this already awesome RCSS team.

Fun Fact! My favorite athlete is David Beckham!

Eniola Sogbesan
Associate Director of Events

Growing up in Nigeria, the main pastime for youth in the area was to be outside, doing one of two things: dancing, or playing sports. I was inclined to the sports side. I gained affinity with basketball, volleyball, track racing, and especially soccer. This element of my childhood influenced the way I am today. I am actively engaged in two soccer teams, and frequently referee and coach games as well. Doing sports is where I am the happiest, and I love engaging new people in the things I do.

Fun Fact! My favorite athlete is Didier Drogba.