Job Opportunities

Varsity Blues Jobs

Each year, Varsity Blues provides student athletes with a list of on campus full time jobs, work-study jobs, and off campus sport-related jobs that are vacant. Check out this link to discover more job opportunities for student athletes this year.

Rotman Commerce Job Posts

Be sure to explore the Portal for on and off campus job postings.

Follow these steps to find job postings on Portal:

  1. After logging into your RC Portal account, on the home page, select “Search Postings”. You will then have two options, “Career Centre Job Postings” is where you can find jobs within the Toronto community, and “Student Organization Leadership Opportunities” is where you will find executive position postings for Rotman Commerce student associations. On the Dashboard, there is also a “Featured Job Postings” section for quick viewing.

Become a Tutor with the RCSA Tutor Network!

You must have an 80% or higher in the class you are signing up to tutor, and you must have a CGPA of at minimum 3.3.

Follow these steps to become a tutor:

  1. After logging on to the Rotman Commerce Portal, select “Student Life” in the menu on the left.
  2. Select “Rotman Commerce Students Association Tutor Network” in the menu on the left.
  3. Follow the instructions on the right side of the page to join the Tutor Network!

Pro Tip: Rotman Commerce provides a service for students to order Business Cards, Metal Name Badges, and Tent Cards (complimentary card given out at the start of 2nd year) that include the Rotman Commerce letterhead.  The Business Cards and Name Badges are excellent for networking sessions.

Follow these steps to order your Name Badge and Business Cards:

  1. After logging into your Rotman Commerce Portal, click “Career Centre”.
  2. Select “RC Professional Resources”.
  3. Follow the instructions from here under “How To Order”.

University of Toronto Work Study

Explore the Work-Study jobs available on campus through the Career Learning Network! Work-Studies are paid jobs that students can obtain around campus that have few hours per week. To find more information about Work-Studies on campus, visit this link. Select “Work Study” in the menu on the left. Here you will find information on work-study Eligibility and Responsibilities, Hiring and Payroll forms, and Work-Study FAQs.

Follow these steps to find a job!

  1. Log into your Career Learning Network account with your UTORid and password.
  2. In the menu on the left of the screen, select “Jobs”
  3. Proceed to select the option relevant to your situation from the dropdown menu. To search for Work-Study positions select “Work Study” and then “Work Study Jobs”.

If you are looking for a work-study position in one of the libraries on campus, check out this link! Library Work Study

If you are looking for a work-study at the Athletic Centre, check out this link! AC Work Study

Pro Tip: The University will often have “Studies for Cash”. These are research studies that are being done on campus that need participants. Often times, the studies will pay you $15-$20 for your time. Some studies will be open to the greater student body, and others will be exclusive to Varsity Blues Athletes. Stay informed about the “Studies for Cash” through reading your emails and being observant of posters hung around the Athletic Centre and Goldring.