Varsity Blues Tutors

Any Athlete  with Varsity status can contact Paul Deacon (paul.deacon@utoronto.ca) to inquire about a tutor in their respective subject area. The tutors have scheduled times when they are in the Blue and White Room (overlooking Varsity Stadium) and are available to help whoever is in need, these sessions are typically not private. You can also ask your Varsity Coach for help with organizing a personal tutor. We are STUDENT Athletes, and our coaches are usually considerate of this.

Rotman Commerce Peer Tutors

  • Check out the Rotman Commerce Students Association Tutor Network! Here, you can find a tutor specific to a course you are taking.  Please note: you will have to pay this tutor.

Follow these steps to find the RCSA Tutor Network:

  1. After logging onto the Rotman Commerce Portal, select “Student Life” in the menu on the left.
  2. Then you will see “Rotman Commerce Students Association Tutor Network” in the menu.
  • Most of your core RSM, ECO and MAT courses will have special review sessions that are hosted by other students, or external proprietors in addition to tutorial sessions. Keep your eyes on Facebook and for flyers that are usually given out close to exam season at the doors of your classrooms  if you are interested in attending. These sessions will usually charge a fee.
  • Your TA’s and Professors will have office hours that will be accessible to you on a drop in basis. He/She will notify you of when and where their office hours are on the first day of classes. If you have questions about assignments, exams and especially lecture material, office hours are your best option as usually not many people attend and you get a one-on-one study session with your Professor! I would advise against going to office hours a week before your exam, it will be a very crowded and unproductive environment.
  • Check out the Economics Study Centre. This is a room staffed with course TAs and outstanding students to help answer any questions on course material (assignments, projects, exam review, lecture slides) that students may have on a one-on-one basis. You can find students specialized in Introductory Economics (ECO 100Y1, 105Y1), Intermediate Microeconomics (ECO 200Y1, 204Y1, 206Y1), Intermediate Macroeconomics (ECO 202Y1, 209Y1, 208Y1), and Quantitative Methods in Economics (ECO 220Y1, 227Y1) at the Centre.
  • Join your course’s Facebook group! Every course should have a Facebook group or page available to students. This is a great way to ask questions about assignments or class/exam details to your fellow classmates.

The Writing Centre

The Writing Centre is a resource available to students in need of help in any stage of the writing process. Book an appointment online with a U of T professor or TA to help you plan or edit your paper!

University of Toronto Tutors

Check out https://helphub.me/networks/university-of-toronto to find tutors within the greater U of T community.