Women’s Sports Teams


Check out the Badminton Team’s roster, schedule, awards and selection criteria at the link provided.

For more information email k.sousa@utoronto.ca.

Basketball – WINTER SEASON

Women’s Basketball was ranked 3rd in the OUA East Division in their 2017 season! Discover the team’s selection criteria  and statistics on the Varsity Blues home page.

Head Coach, Michele Belanger  has been the head coach for this team since 1979 and has been named the OUA Coach of the Year 8 times!

For more information, contact Michele Belanger at michele.belanger@utoronto.ca.

Cross Country – FALL SEASON

Head Coach Ross Risstuccia is heading into his 18th season as the Cross Country coach for the Varsity Blues and doubles as a coach for the Blues Track and Field team for the long distance events.

This team is home to some of Canada’s National Team athletes such as Gabriella Stafford,  Lucia Stafford, and Jazz Shukla.

Check out the team selection criteria!

For more information, contact Ross Risstuccia at rossristuccia@hotmail.com.


Check out the team selection criteria  and roster.

Head Coach, John Rudd, was named the 2016-2017 curling coach of the year and is heading into his 4th season.

Fast Pitch  – Fall season

Craig Sarson will be the Head Coach of the ladies Fast Pitch team for the 5th time. He has worked previously with the Great Britain National Softball Team. Throughout his personal career, he has played for New Zealand and London.

The Team is composed of 15 talented women! If you are interested in trying out, check out the selection criteria and stay tuned for updates on the Varsity Blues website. 

For more information, contact Craig Sarson at craig.sarson@utoronto.ca.

Field Hockey – Fall season

First year Head Coach Cassius Mendonca lead his team to the top of the 2016 OUA Field Hockey Rankings. Coach moved his way up from Assistant Coach title where he has worked since 2009, aiding the team to five OUA Championship Banners and one USport victory.

If you are interested in trying out for the Field Hockey team, check out the selection criteria and stay tuned for updates on the Varsity Blues website. 

For more information, contact Cassius Mendonca at cassius.mendonca@utoronto.ca.


Interested in fencing? Browse the selection criteria for the Varsity team!

Head Coach, Thomas Nguyen, has been coaching the Blues Fencing team for 8 seasons.

For more information, contact Thomas Nguyen at  fencing@utoronto.ca.

Figure Skating – WINTER SEASON

Explore the 2017/2018 selection criteria for the Blues Figure Skating Team! This female dominant team took the OUA Championships gold medal in the 2016/2017 season.

For more information contact Head Coach Ashley Hui at  uoftvfs@gmail.com.


Golf had a small team of just 5 rostered athletes in the 2016 season and Head Coaches Chris Tortorice and Dave Woods. Explore the selection criteria to become a Blues golfer!

Chris is heading into his 12th season as a Blues coach and first became involved with the Varsity Blues program in 1997 as an athlete.

For more information, contact Chris at cgtortorice@hotmail.com.


Head Coach Vicky Sunohara is heading into her 8th season as the Head Coach of the Varsity Blues Female Ice Hockey Team. With 23 women rostered in the 2017 season, the team stood 3rd in the OUA division of USport.

Interested in joining the team? Check out the selection criteria.

For more information, contact Vicky Sunohara at vicky.sunohara@utoronto.ca.

Lacrosse – FALL SEASON

In the 2016 regular season, the team was composed of 21 athletes, Head Coach Jeska Eedens, Assistant Coaches Alyse Kennedy and Olivia Lubanski, and 4 team therapists. Their efforts left them ranked 2nd in the East Division. Find out what it takes to become a member of the lacrosse team: selection criteria.

For more information, contact Jeska Eedens at jeska.eedens@utoronto.ca.

Mountain Biking – FALL SEASON

The team ended their 2016 season ranked 2nd in the Ontario Universities Cup Rankings.

Head Coach, David Wright, is the lead founder of the University of Toronto Varsity Blues mountain bike team and Varsity mountain biking in Ontario. Furthermore, Wright has coached student-athletes who have gone on to represent U of T, Ontario and Canada at the provincial, national, international and Olympic levels.

Explore the selection criteria for joining the Varsity Mountain Biking family.

For more information, contact David Wright at david.wright@utoronto.ca.

Nordic Skiing – Winter Season

The Women’s 2017 Nordic Ski Team was the smallest Varsity Blues Team last season composed of three athletes, Assistant Coach Eric Mathison, and Head Coach Liam Fox.

Interested in joining the ski team? Check out the selection criteria.

For more information, contact Liam Fox at liam.fox@mail.utoronto.ca.


Head Coach, Iain Wilson, is heading into his third season of coaching for the Blues. Wilson is a NCCP certified coach and has participated in numerous rowing coaching conferences over the past eight years.

Check out the selection criteria for the Blues Rowing Team!

For information, contact Iain Wilson at coach.wilson@utoronto.ca.


The team  was ranked 4th in the 2016/2017 OUA Russel rankings. Head Coach, Campbell MacNeil is heading into her 2nd season as a Rugby Varsity Blues coach.

Explore the selection criteria for the Blues Rugby Team.

For more information, contact Campbell MacNeil at campbell.macneill@utoronto.ca.


The team of 22 athletes, two assistant coaches, a strength and conditioning coach, three staff therapists and a Head Coach, ended the 2016 season with a 5th place ranking in the OUA East Side standings.

Head Coach, Luciano Lombardi, is heading into his 3rd season coaching for the Varsity Blues Soccer team.  Lombardi played for five-years as the goalie for the Varsity Blues and joined the male coaching staff in 2009.

Interested in joining the soccer team? Check out the selection criteria.

For more information, contact Luciano Lombardi at soccer.women@utoronto.ca .

Squash – WInter season

Head Coach Josh Ginou has been coaching with the Varsity Blues for 2 seasons. Ginou played both singles and doubles locally in Toronto as well as representing Canada.

For more information, contact Josh Ginou at joshua@ginou.com.


Head Coach, Byron MacDonald, is heading into his 39th season coaching with the Blues. MacDonald has coached over 200 swimmers to all-Canadian status and over 70 swimmers to international teams. He has guided his teams to 56 conference championships (30 men and 26 women) and 24 national championship titles (15 women and nine men). Furthermore, he has coached Team Canada to a very successful FISU and Pan Pacific.

Varsity Blues swim team is home to Canadian swim sensation Kylie Massie, bronze medalist at the recent Rio Olympics in the 100m Backstroke and National Record holder for the event.

Think you have what it takes to make the Varsity Blues Swimming Team? Check out the selection criteria.

For more information, contact Byron MacDonald at byron.macdonald@utoronto.ca.


Head Coach, Nabil Tadros, is heading into his 22nd season as a Varsity Blues Tennis coach having lead his team to 15 OUA titles since 1984. A level three coach in both tennis and basketball, Tadros has been recognized for his contribution to athletics as a recipient of a University of Toronto Arbor Award and the 2000 Toronto Raptors/Ontario Basketball Association Coaches Recognition Award.

Interested in joining the Tennis team? Check out the selection criteria. 

For more information, contact Nabil Tadros at uoftcoach@gmail.com.

Track and Field – Winter Season

Carl Georgevski has served as the Head Coach of the Varsity Blues Track and Field Team for 22 years. A three-time Olympic jumps coach, Carl represented Canada at the Seoul, Barcelona and Sydney games. He was also named Team Canada’s head coach for the World University Games in 1989, 1993 and 1999, as well as the jumps coach at the 1990 Commonwealth Games in Auckland and the 1991 world championships in Tokyo.

This team is also home to 800m and 1500m superstar Gabriella Stafford and her up and coming sister Lucia Stafford. Gabriella won the 2016 Canadian National 1500m title running a personal best of 4:06.53 thus putting her within Olympic Qualifying time. Later that summer, she placed 2nd at the Olympic Trials qualifying her for her Olympic Debut at Rio 2016.

Explore the selection criteria for the Women’s Track and Field Team!

For more information, contact Carl Georgevski at carl.georgevski@utoronto.ca.

Volleyball – WINTER season

Ranked 1st in the OUA East division, the Women’s Volleyball team has 16 athletes, six coaches, and four team therapists. Head Coach, Kristine Drakich, has been with the Blues for 28 seasons.

Interested in joining their team? Check out the selection criteria.

For more information, contact Kristine Drakich at kristine.drakich@utoronto.ca.

Water Polo – FALL season

Head Coach, George Gross Jr.  is heading into his 9th season as a Water Polo Coach for Varsity Blues. He still holds the University of Toronto single-game and seasons scoring records and has been inducted into the U of T Sports Hall of Fame.

Check out the selection criteria for the Water Polo Team!

For more information, contact George Gross Jr. at george7684grossjr@rogers.com.

Wrestling – WINTER season

The wrestling team is possibly the smallest Blues team of four athletes, and Head Coach Michael Quinsey.  Michael has been Head Coach for the Blues for 12 seasons and has been around the sport for 30 years.

Check out the selection criteria for the Wrestling Team.

For more information, contact Michael Quinsey at mikequinsey@gmail.com.